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Agency Management

Our self-serve platform allows Travel Agencies to log their updated profile and banking information, Value-Added-Tax (VAT) numbers as well as their reporting preferences in one secure environment.
The FTS Agency management tool offers travel Agencies a simple self-serve platform to keep their information up to date at all times through a single profile available for all suppliers. When this module is integrated with the Payment Solution, it offers them a unified platform for maintaining banking information and reporting preferences to better support their needs.
This, in return, eliminates the need for Travel Industry Suppliers to continuously ensure that their agency profiles are up to date, reducing the likelihood of rejected payments and their associated fees due to incorrect bank accounts or profile information.
We work with various types of agencies including traditional or home-based agencies. We also support large agency chains that need to set up multiple branches under the head office. Our system facilitates the management of such agencies’ branches and their respective reporting or payment preferences.

Commissions Hub

The commission hub facilitates the entire commission payment flow between Travel Industry Suppliers and Travel Agencies alongside a full suite of key features.

A holistic solution allowing for the management of Agency bank details, the secure processing of ACH payments, the handling of rejected payments as well as the management of Agencies Pre-Authorized Debit agreements to be taken care of on your behalf by the FTS Payments and Service team.

Commissions are collected on behalf of the agencies, and are fully reconciled. By removing the burden of reconciliation and reporting from the Travel Agency community, we allow them to focus on what is most important: sales and customer service. This will enable them to better support you in driving your sales.
We offer a wide reporting suite to help you better analyze the settlements processed on a periodic basis. Custom reports are also available to be fed into your accounting systems allowing for a reduction in your day-to-day operations, reconciliation efforts as well as any manual interventions.

Business Rules Engine

Our BRE Tool makes it easy for your team to calculate eligible commissions for Travel Agencies based on your set criterias supporting your business needs.

Our business rule engine (BRE) is an easy-to-use application that manages decision processes using pre-defined logic to determine outcomes that support your strategy. The BRE allows you to formulate complex rules including dependencies and prioritization.

Business Rules can be used for various functions of your organization including calculating eligible commission for Travel Agencies based on specific promotions, calculating loyalty points on bookings, calculating profit margins on group sales, etc. Rather than embedding business rules in the code like it was historically done, the BRE engine allows you to strip away these rules from your code and easily implement them without IT intervention. 

This will ultimately reduce your cost and improve your speed to market.  A powerful business rule engine can allow you to quickly respond to marketplace changes, increase efficiency and productivity, reduce manual work required, ensure regulatory and policy compliance and expand revenue opportunities.

Revenue Optimizer

Our Revenue Management tool, aptly named Revenue Optimizer, utilizes first and third party data to forecast sales, highlight industry trends and suggest ideal periods

Designed to deliver rich and actionable insights, the rule-based Revenue Optimizer will empower teams to be agile, make informed decisions and effectively manage revenue.

Our Revenue Management tool utilizes first and third party data to forecast sales, highlight industry trends and suggest ideal periods for promotional incentives.

The tool is as flexible as it is powerful, and can be integrated with existing systems.

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