Agency Management

Our self-serve platform allows Travel Agencies to log their updated profile and banking information, Value-Added-Tax (VAT) numbers as well as their reporting preferences in one secure environment.

The FTS Agency management tool offers travel Agencies a simple self-serve platform to keep their information up to date at all times through a single profile available for all suppliers. When this module is integrated within the Workflow Management Solution, it offers a unified platform for maintaining agency hierarchy and reporting preferences to better support their needs.

This, in return, eliminates the need for Travel Industry Suppliers to continuously ensure that their agency profiles are up to date, reducing the likelihood of incorrect mapping.

We work with various types of agencies including traditional or home-based agencies. We also support large agency chains that need to set up multiple branches under the head office. Our system facilitates the management of such agencies’ branches and their respective reporting preferences.

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The Flex Travel Solutions Platform enables Travel Industry Suppliers the ability to manage Agencies, pay-out commissions and roll out special promotions while saving time and money.