Commissions Hub

The commission hub facilitates the entire incentive management flow between Travel Industry Suppliers and Travel Agencies alongside a full suite of key features.

A holistic solution allowing for the management of Agencies the handling of incentive agreements as well as sales performance.

Incentives are automatically calculated and managed on behalf of the agencies, and are fully reconciled. By removing the burden of reconciliation and reporting from the Travel Agency community, we allow them to focus on what is most important: sales and customer service. This will enable them to better support you in driving your sales.

We offer a wide reporting suite to help you better analyze the settlements processed on a periodic basis. Custom reports are also available to be fed into your accounting systems allowing for a reduction in your day-to-day operations, reconciliation efforts as well as any manual interventions.

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The Flex Travel Solutions Platform enables Travel Industry Suppliers the ability to manage Agencies, pay-out commissions and roll out special promotions while saving time and money.