Business Rules Engine

Our BRE Tool makes it easy for your team to calculate eligible commissions for Travel Agencies based on your set criterias supporting your business needs.

Business Rules can be used for various functions of your organization including calculating eligible commission for Travel Agencies based on specific promotions, calculating loyalty points on bookings, calculating profit margins on group sales, etc. Rather than embedding business rules in the code like it was historically done, the BRE engine allows you to strip away these rules from your code and easily implement them without IT intervention. 

This will ultimately reduce your cost and improve your speed to market.  A powerful business rule engine can allow you to quickly respond to marketplace changes, increase efficiency and productivity, reduce manual work required, ensure regulatory and policy compliance and expand revenue opportunities.

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The Flex Travel Solutions Platform enables Travel Industry Suppliers the ability to manage Agencies, pay-out commissions and roll out special promotions while saving time and money.