Invoice Processing

Our e-Invoicing tool automates issuing invoices to your customers by seamlessly integrating with your billing processes to provide a user-friendly, scalable solution for managing all transactions.

The FTS e-invoicing tool allows your business to create and send fully customizable invoices in a matter of minutes for ticket sales and/or commission. This module can support multiple input methods: simple user interface, XML standards, mass invoice generation through an upload file or automatically generated based on the integration with one of our other modules.

FTS supports multiple currencies and is fully configurable to comply with various countries, provincial and/or state regulations for invoicing requirements (e.g. TICO and OPC) and Value Added Taxes (VAT)

Our solution can easily be integrated to various back office systems in order to automate your accounting processes which translate into direct cost savings. This results in reduced manual work and faster collections which ultimately improves cash flow.

Invoices can easily be retrieved via our user interface and are securely stored on our database leading to important cost savings.

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