Our mission

Flex Travel Solution’s mission is to represent and serve the travel agency community.

Who we are

As advocates for travel agencies, our fundamental aim is to benefit the community through our customer centric solutions in response to their business needs. Working closely with Travel Agencies and Travel Industry Suppliers alike, we have the privilege of building solutions for key concerns affecting the industry in real time through our agile methodology. The pulse and needs of the travel agency community is and will always remain at the forefront of every decision we make.

What we do

Flex Travel Solutions offers an extensive suite of products to Travel Industry Suppliers in order to better support the growing needs of the Travel Agency community. Travel Suppliers choose FTS as each solution is designed to be efficient, customer-centric and proven to improve sales, cost savings, productivity and ultimately their bottom line. A unified and powerful solution that responds to market needs while providing value and a competitive edge to all parties working with FTS. 

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