Daily Archives: February 1, 2023

5 Takeaways to Keep You Moving Forward

I’m just back from the Fitur International Tourism Trade Fair, where I took away five important lessons that will be useful moving forward in this industry and in my life. As I keep learning, there’s always more to learn. Here are my takeaways:

1. Strategic decisions are more dynamic and frequent nowadays; therefore, never say never!

Keep an open mind. We’ve all recently seen how quickly, dramatically, and entirely unexpectedly things can change. Don’t slam shut doors you might want open later.

2. Industry meetings are far more than just an exchange of business cards. What’s actually being exchanged are knowledge and experience.   

Take advantage of the chance to meet others with more or different industry experiences than your own. Consider keeping occasionally in touch. Help them where you can; perhaps they will help you one day.

3. Close your door against new best practices and initiatives, and you risk putting yourself under siege of your own doing! 

Investigate new best practices and initiatives as they come along and learn why they are better. How might they help you? Ignoring them because you’re afraid or weary of change can mean bringing problems upon yourself unnecessarily.

4. Attendees should not resist what seems unclear or unrelated to them. You were visited for a reason, and what’s in it for you is waiting down the aisle. 

Sometimes you don’t see the whole picture at once, but that shouldn’t mean shutting out something that doesn’t immediately make sense. Remember that new conditions can unfold.

5. A new tool is not necessarily an updated version of what you already have. It can be about more than merely automating how to do something. Often, it lets you fit in with new business realities.  

Like so many of these takeaways, this one too is about keeping an open mind and seeing the bigger picture. Listen to what’s new, so you keep moving forward.

These takeaways remind me of something else I was taught early on in this industry:

“Know when to fasten your seat belt and when to unbuckle it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to move forward a single step after you arrive at your destination.”